Friday, May 8, 2009

Preparing for the peddle trip

Myself and Tyson, a lieutenant on my dept, along with a friend who lives in Cumberland, rode our bicycles down the C&O towpath from Cumberland MD to Washington DC last June. A 184 mile trek down a cinder and mud path, that the mules used to tow the canal boats along. A mostly level trip with short 8 ft down hill slope at the 70 locks. All I can say about the trip was that it was a blast. A grueling 2 1/2 days. But I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Actually we are doing it again! This year with a twist.
184 miles is a long way for anyone on a bicycle. Now we are not young buff kids any longer. I am 45 and Tyson is 35. And we are both overweight. Last year we did some "training" for the trip. We have a bike trail locally and did 20 miles at least once a week to get ready for our journey down the towpath. This year we are working harder in our "training". We are attempting to do the 20 miles at least twice a week, and at an accelerated pace, one 10 mile trip a week, to try to be better prepared. Our path here is paved, follows a railroad tracks, and a little easier to peddle on. Last year Tyson was a smoker. He is a non-smoker for almost a year now. That should help him, a lot.
We haven't worked out the details with our buddy in Cumberland yet but the scheduled date is the weekend of June 13.
We are considering attempting to travel the Allegheny Trail Passage this year. Not as far but not level. This trail goes through the Eastern divide. Over the mountains. It follows an old railroad bed. Should be a challenge.
More later.


Firefighter said...

Overweight!!! Who are you talking about here chubby!! Just kidding...Lets get some more training in.

M3 said...

I can't wait! But I am 35 AND young and buff!