Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sturgis SD for vacation

Finally, I got to go on a lengthy vacation. I purchased a Road King last July, and have been really enjoying it. I have rode it all over the area and as far away as Bristol, TN last March then to Washington DC in May.
A trip to South Dakota has been planned since last fall. Sturgis South Dakota.
We left from Newark Ohio, on Friday at 16:00 and spent the first night in Indiana. Up early on Saturday and stopping the second night in Iowa. Arriving in Rapid City, SD at about 1 7:00 on Sunday evening. Stopping at a local Pilot truck stop for a break before heading to the reserved campground. One of the three of us was a little concerned about a rear tire on his bike. After inspection he found a nail in it and the tire was going down. Since we were at a local truck stop, I suggested getting a plug for it just to get us to the camp. Then we could get it to a shop in the AM for a new tire. It seems bike tires are not the same make up as auto tires. After plugging the tire and airing it up, off we went. After about 4-5 miles the tire went flat again. Another plug was placed in it. The bike is a gold wing and it has a compressor on board. Again, 4-5 miles and another flat. A third plug and then a forth and fifth, we finally arrived at the campground at around 22:00 hours 35 miles from the pilot. Now here we are at the camp and trying to put up tents in the dark. The next morning, after a new tire was installed, we were off to see the sights.
For the next 4 days, we rode to all the local attractions. To include a quick trip into Wyoming and Montana. We had such a good time, even if it rained nearly everyday. Most of the time just for a quick storm then the sun was back out.
Leaving on Friday again to head home, we decided to travel somewhat South into Nebraska and then Kansas, through Missouri to see the Arch in St. Louis. Then arriving back at home on Sunday afternoon at around 17:00.
All in all we traveled nearly 3700 miles. Saturday on the trip home we started at 09:00 and went until 02:00 in the morning traveling 680 mile that one day alone. We were in 10 states in 9 days. One would say I have been getting my money's worth out of my bike. I got it last July 20 with 3400 miles on it. To date, after our trip out west, it has 16,400 miles on it. Just a little over a year I put 13,000 miles on it. Good thing I have a comfortable seat.
It was a good time, but it is always good to come home again.
I can't wait until next year. The plan is to do it again.

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