Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stay as healthy as you can.

I went to an arson conference last spring. Funny how people who should know about their health continue to abuse it. I was a smoker when I was in my teens and am so glad that I was able and smart enough to quit. I can't imagine the cost in dollars and more importantly in my health.
I recently went on a bicycle trip down the C & O towpath. 184 miles of gravel and mud. There was 4 of us went. One who is 21, two who are 33 and myself at 44. The 21 year old struggled through the trip but did nothing to get ready for that much riding. He did it riding on his youth. Myself and one of the 33 year olds rode 20 miles twice a week for 2 months, to get ready. I felt we were ready. I made the trip without much trouble. My friend however is a smoker and had much difficulty. He did make it, but was in major distress for most of the trip. And he is 11 years younger than I. We did the trip in 2 1/2 days.

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