Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jump or stand fast?

I'm thinking about buying a motorcycle. I've owned motorcycles most of my life. About 5 years ago, I sold the last two I had. I have been without a bike ever since. I told myself then, that if I ever got another, it would have to be big, newer, and a Harley.
I have been half-heartedly looking for a short while. Last night I found this one. It is just what I imagine myself having. With fuel prices the way they are, it makes more sense now than ever.
I guess the question is not whether to buy it or not, but whether to A). Ask the wife if I can have it and have her say no. Or B). Get it and ask her for forgiveness. She might be angry for a while but she would probably get over it. Eventually.
It seems I have a lot to think about in the next few days.


Firefighter said...

I have been thinking of my dad a lot again here lately,he was 56 when he died.

Life is short, live good...

You never know when you are going to take your last breath..

M3 said...

All your talk of motorcycle accidents and you got me thinking I should sell mine!

Ohio Fire/Paramedic said...

I'm not talking about your normal everyday motorcycle here, I'm talking about a Harley. I mean this will be like a recliner on two wheels. And with the fuel prices the way they are. As you said, we are not young and stupid any longer. I hope we would be old enough to back off and ride for the enjoyment of the ride and not to see how fast and dangerous we can make it.

Firefighter said...

LOL, slow and easy!

If you live life trying to prevent your own death, you might as well be dead!