Monday, April 27, 2009

Ride the scooter

With the early spring weather, and warm temps. I have had the opportunity to ride the bike to the station on a relatively daily basis. Usually in the spring, it rains daily. This spring has seen less rain than usual. I have gotten the chance to ride often. I love my scooter.
On Saturday April, 18, myself, my wife and a couple from the dept. got a chance for a road trip. We decided to go to dinner on the scooter. The main question, was where to go. I suggested maybe a trip into Amish country. Off we went. Dinner in Strasburg Ohio and back home. I neglected to get any pictures on this trip. My mistake.
On Saturday April, 25, Another scooter trip for dinner. This time three couples with scooters got to go. Again, where to go. This time maybe south. Off to Parkersburg WVa. 3 hours each way. Dinner at Ryan's buffet and return home. Nice day for a ride. One of the guys also takes pictures and wanted to stop somewhere to get a picture of something that says WVa. on it. This is a picutre of Parkersburg South High School. His picture is a close up of the High school sign. Check out his blog Planet M3 He shares the blog with another buddy. The other buddy lives in Cumberland Maryland.

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