Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I was going through some old photos in my files and found these.
A buddy and myself went on a road trip last year and along the way made a side trip to Gettysburg Pa. Neither of us had been there before. It is an interesting place. Just being there thinking about the battles that took place over 100 years ago in that very spot. The soldiers that fought for what they believed to be the right cause on both sides.
Someday, perhaps a hundred years from now, someone will stand in front of a memorial for the soldiers that fought in the Iraq war. I hope this country still has the freedoms and rights that we have today. Hopefully those people can still make road trips and side trips along the way to enjoy the memorials as we did that day.
Pray for our country and our soldiers fighting for our freedoms and the freedoms of others in Iraq and other parts of the world.


M3 said...

I'd like to go to Gettysburg. It's not far from here. Plus we also passed close by it on the bike trip! Maybe next time...

Epijunky said...

I've never been to Gettysburg, but I'd love to go.

And AMEN, Brother. You hit the nail on the head.