Monday, August 11, 2008

Fuel costs

A friend and I went to a Dodge show over the weekend. I took these pictures along with several more. These guys like to put on a show for the crowd. They stop, hold the brake and do burn outs. The crowd just loves it. With all the talk and pain of prices at the pump. I wonder what the cost of running those old muscle cars from the past is? A few of us at the station have bought motorcycles to help cut the edge of the pump prices.
I am glad it was their money and not mine.
I suppose if I had one of those classics, I would have been there as well. It don't hurt to have some fun what ever the cost. And they looked like they were having fun.

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M3 said...

Gas prices are dropping though! All part of the oil companies' scam to make us think we are getting a deal on gas and still paying $3.60 a gallon!