Sunday, August 3, 2008

People can be so stupid

I hate stupid people. I suppose we all have our moments but sometimes when you come across someone, you just know, its just the way they are.
Yesterday, Saturday, we allowed a local charity organization use the department for a benefit to help someone with cancer. A good cause. A good organization. When someone uses the dept., someone has to be there to at least open the building and someone should be "around" in case a problem comes up. They use the kitchen, paper towels, toilet tissue, electric, etc. They do make a donation to the dept. for use of the building. This time, it amounted to a $50 bill. They have requested the building next week for another event. I wonder if there will be another donation or if they figure this 50 will cover both times? That set aside. The cost verses the donation is probably a wash. Anyway, We run two paid people weekdays 7-4. One full time and one part-time person. I am the full time guy. Being the full time person, I usually take on the responsibility to go the extra mile and take care of these events. Even on my "day off". So I made time to make sure I was at the dept. on Saturday morning at 09:00 to let them in and to be there at 18:00 to make sure the building was secure. And during the day, I asked my wife if she could be "around" to watch things. She sometimes helps this group. She agreed, and was at the dept. helping most of the day. I went on a motorcycle ride with some friends. There were six bikes, and we rode about 100 miles. We got back to the dept. around 17:00 and to help out the benefit, I bought spaghetti for the three of us who stayed, the rest went on home. I don't even like spaghetti, and it wasn't worth $6 a plate. But to help out, I donated my $18 for the three meals.
Back to stupid people.
The group was cleaning up after the event and carrying out their stuff. As I said they are planning on using the building next week for the same and asked if they could leave some things in the corner. Now this is a fire dept. and we work and "live" here through the week. But to make things easier for them I said ok and they stacked things in different corners. I will move some of the stuff on Monday to make "work" easier for us. About that time, the tones went off for an illegal burn. Now, we were at this address two day before for the same (Stupid person #1). Evidently a neighbor don't like these people and called 911, twice. The first time there, we found out that the offenders are moving and trying to clean the place up by burning trash. At that time we put it out and advised them not to burn the "illegal" stuff and went home. That time it was near midnight and someone had to get up and go "see" about the offense. Knowing this was the same address and knowing the case, the three of us spoke briefly about who would take care of the situation. My two fellow FD people asked if I wanted them to take care of it and I said that would be good. Two minutes from dispatch until the truck was enroute. I stayed at the station to run the radio. At the address this time, the same was the case. Upon seeing the fire truck pull up they put water on it and put it out. Some words between the offender and the FD personnel about being called back and they said they would be gone after today. The truck went back in service. Four minutes later.
Back at the station, this is Saturday and all involved are volunteering their time.
A person from the benefit, says to me as I am sitting at the radio. (She is on the couch while the others are still cleaning up.) " My cousin is a firefighter and that is what I hate about "West undershirt fire dept." (Us) I asked "what do you mean?" My mistake. I should have ignored the comment thinking this is just another stupid person shooting off her mouth. But no I had to ask. She said " I didn't like it when you guys argued about who was going to go on the run" Saying "You should have just run and got in the truck and went".
I felt my blood pressure go through the top of my head. But I kept my composure and said that it all depends on when it is and what it is and that we knew the address and what was going on and since we knew of the situation. We wouldn't even run "hot" as to protect the safety of all concerned. She said "I live in West undershirt twp and won't allow West undershirt FD to come to my house because of that."
That is when I realized just how stupid this person really was. I hope she never needs us but if she calls, West undershirt FD will be dispatched and will respond, she has no choice. Also, anytime she needs help, she will call. And when she calls, West undershirt FD, will come as fast as we safely can and we will do our best to take care of her problem what ever it might be. Regardless of how stupid she is.
I hate stupid people.

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Firefighter said...

WOW, you put a smile on my face. I love stupid peopel!! They are great!